Ionary Projects



ANTIVULN protects developers not only from classical vulnerabilities but also from supply-chain attacks and targeted campaigns. It offers local and global packages that provide devtime and buildtime static analysis of packages, with configurable notifications and actions. Future work will offer advanced features such as AI enhanced behavioural system (and ecosystem) analysis for threat detection and mitigation.

Free forever for Open-Source

For Rust, Golang, Node, Deno

Opt-in analytics

CI & CD-friendly

Private Verdaccio / Crates available

Configurable webhooks and services

Works with Audit Unit



Parti is an embeddable secure data protocol with powerful security features. The library allows the user to build a secure blackbox of versioned data. Parti focuses on nonopinionated extensible patterns allowing the user to quickly swap out systems without disturbing the core data. It also features a Snapshot oriented persistence layer allowing users to share their data between runtimes effortlessly without exposing them.

Snapshot driven runtime

System Fingerprinting

Runs on any device, any OS

Single-use snapshots

Resealable snapshots

Portable snapshots

FFI for any programming language

And more solutions are on the way